Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunflower @ Joyce near Burnaby

Location: across from Joyce Skytrain Station
Address: 5125 Joyce St

A neighborhood bubble tea shop right across from the Joyce Skytrain Station. I believe the owners own a couple other ones as they all share the same menu and similar interior design. A very large selection (book menu) of flavors & food!

The Good:
  • LOTS of selections to choose from
  • hot bubble tea chioces
  • modern atmosphere
  • convenient location
  • food choices
  • unique flavors
The Bad:
  • no real complaints
my recommended flavors:
  • mango with coconut milk
The Verdict
Price:      $  $  $  $        average priced
Choices: ☺☺☺☺       good selection to choose from + variety of jellies
Quality:   ☼☼☼ 1/2     good mixes, above average pearl quality
Overall:   ♥ ♥ ♥  1/2      often worth the extra cost, fast service

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