Saturday, June 5, 2010

T&T Supermarket @ Surrey Central

T&T Supermarket
Surrey Central Mall

T&T semi-recently decided to join the bubble-tea craze. It's cheaper than average, but also you get what you pay for.

The Good:
  • it's cheaper
  • have pre-mixed drinks ready for pick up
  • convenient
The Bad:
  • below average quality
  • not always freshly made
My recommended flavors:
  • n/a
The Verdict:
Price:      $                  costs about $3, give or take
Choices: ☺☺             not too many to choose from
Quality:   ☼ 1/2           I've definitely have had worse, but still below par
Overall:   ♥ 1/2            would only try again if I'm really craving one and no others are open

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